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How We Solved African American Voting Rights Using Bitcoin Technology

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    Hahz Terry


Give us the ballot, and we will transform the salient misdeeds of bloodthirsty mobs into the calculated good deeds of orderly citizens. - Martin Luther King Jr

As a Blockchain nonprofit, we did the impossible with no funding or stealth backing to prove to the world that nothing is impossible when you operate with a higher purpose to help others and not just yourself.

The number of Black eligible voters in the United States is projected to reach 34.4 million in November 2024 after several years of modest growth. And Black eligible voters stand out for turnout rates that are higher than among Latino and Asian eligible voters.



We will verify our own voting numbers using trusted decentralized Bitcoin technology and tokenize the polling data results so that everyone in the world can see it. We can no longer accept any voting data on any topic as validation of what we stand for. Billions have been donated to fight for African american voting rights now that we created a solution let's invest that funding into building affordable tokenized LUV NFT ESTATE homes.

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