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BLK LUV (BLK IS LUV) is a blockchain nonprofit dedicated to blockchain diversity. Get paid to learn about crypto with our 3D Token Blks NFT game. 

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BLK LUV [org] created a new blueprint for blockchain nonprofits when it comes to fundraising and addressing issues that humanity faces with a NFT collectible project that benefits everyone involved. 100% of the proceeds from 3d Token Blks (1/1) 300 collectibles goes towards to create solutions to on-boarding more people of color to dCommerce. 3D Token Blks is the official NFT badge for brands that pledge to workplace diversity.

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As a solution to 80% of black-owned businesses closing since the start of the pandemic, due to a lack of capital we built LUV NFT marketplace. NFTs (non-fungible token) allow our tribe to claim ownership and monetize their digital creations on the Solona blockchain without a middleman. The average NFT seller makes $4-7k a month, Join our Discord to learn how to monetize your digital creations

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 Extremely fast autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. The best way to earn more $LUVCOIN is to just hold it in your digital wallet, it works like a savings account with a ridiculously high-interest rate. Fee from every transaction is distributed as rewards among all holders, as well as added to the liquidity pool and charity.

The current Race Game was created for certain “playas” to win and others to lose. Our Game of LUV only has one team that is #TeamLUV because the competition reveals winners and losers. And competition often dilutes what’s actually important and valuable. Our tribe identifies each other as teammates #TeamLUV before identifying each other by race. This is the solution to uniting humanity and moving forward as one. Let’s see who can take the throne for holding the most $LUVCOIN.

The $LUVCOIN was created to end hate, by holding (HODL) LUV. Once our LUV Tribe makes the $LUVCOIN the #1 cryptocurrency, humanity will move forward as one. $LUVCOIN is the only true currency with a higher purpose than profit.

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr told us the solution to hate was love 50 years ago. The game of race-ism can’t be addressed by race because the root of the disease is fear, the fear of a united planet. So we created a new game for #TeamLUV to play called “HODL LUV”, everyone who plays our game will win. Let’s see who becomes the King and Queen of HODL $LUVCOIN.

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BLK LUV Organization Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in the United States, and all gifts to us are tax-deductible in the United States to the fullest extent allowed by law. Our Tax ID number is 85-3904354.