We use blockchain tech to create transparency in non-profits by tokenizing pledges as LUV NFTs and matching donations with our ONE $LUV UBI currency.



We created the Web5 purpose economy to use blockchain and AI advanced technology to create solutions to a majority of Web2 challenges that include the housing crisis, unity and VC funding African Americans.

Bypass social media algorithms with a universal Web5 link connecting all our tribe-owned platforms. Redeem $LUV for an ad link on our Linktree, ensuring 100% business visibility.



We solved the advertising disparity for unfunded businesses with affordable Arvrtising campaigns. Our A-TEAM PPV Discord allows pros, brands, and masterminds to earn more with no algorithms.

We solved the housing crisis with Instant Bitcoin $RNT relief, tokenized Bitcoin LNE [LUV NFT ESTATE], and affordable homes NFTs. Subscribe to our LUV NFT PPV Discord as a Biz, Broker or LNElord to learn blockchain.

We created the first Hair Metaverse, enabling unfunded hair stylists to embrace blockchain, taking ownership of their tokenized services and hair estate mapped to their chair using What3Words. Subscribe to Hair

Heal XYZ addresses mental health and the root of dis-ease with spiritual social media comedy. The Heal XYZ PPV Discord gamifies spiritual services allowing seekers, apprentice and master healers to level up.


As a heart-to-heart blockchain non-profit, we have eliminated ourselves as the middleman, enabling our tribe to receive support and instant aid without our direct involvement. Everyone who owns a LUV NFT is essentially a shareholder, ensuring that we all win on Web5 united. Learn how to create spiritual currency by spreading $LUV.


Meet our recent Heroes who completed a quest.

  • Dr. Candy Terry

    Dr. Candy Terry

  • "The Wizard of Hahz" Terry

    "The Wizard of Hahz" Terry

  • Alicia Lindell

    Alicia Lindell

    Community Ambassador
  • Lamar Jackson

    Lamar Jackson

    Community Ambassador
  • Cameron Thomas

    Cameron Thomas

    Community Ambassador
  • James Henderson

    James Henderson

    Community Ambassador

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