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Blockchain Nonprofit Creates $1B LUV NFT grant to help entrepreneurs access crypto capital

Fresh from lecturing about NFT real estate use cases at NFT.NYC 2021 Hahz Terry and his wife Dr. Candy who has a PhD in Metaphysics announce the first-ever LUV NFT grant in the amount of $1 billion. A year ago the married got frustrated with hearing and reading about the lack of pandemic relief support for entrepreneurs seeking capital and created a solution in the form of an NFT marketplace with no donations or investors. Hahz taught himself blockchain code in 6 months and Dr. Candy navigated the MetaVerse to create a new blockchain nonprofit model and dCommerce market called Hahz’s first cousin is the legendary visionary Nile Rodgers, so being a trendsetter runs in the family. Hahz is currently trying to mint Nile Rodger’s upcoming album as a LUV NFT. The innovative nonprofit LUV NFT is in talks with minting NFTs for the upcoming Coogler-produced Hulu documentary Homeroom, Audio Mack, and UMG projects.

“My wife and I created a $1 billion dollar NFT grant to onboard entrepreneurs onto Solana blockchain, that will allow existing businesses to reduce their overhead and operate without a middleman payment provider. By accepting LUV NFTs for products or services businesses and freelancers can remove the middleman. Smart contracts allow players to earn a lifetime of royalties for the secondary sales of their LUV NFTs. Spread LUV the Brooklyn way.” Hahz Co-Founder of LUV NFT


With only 19% of the world currently using cryptocurrency, the average NFT seller makes $4-7k a month remotely. The average Axie Infinity player makes $500-800 a month playing a blockchain game due to the lack of jobs available in certain regions of the world.


LUV NFT Market created a trickle-up NFT barter economy for 3D LUVRS which is your virtual game’s character that can be seen on the social media profile of any player. Businesses no longer have to compete in the dCommerce LUV NFT Marketspace because unity and bartering will increase the value of LUV NFTs. 3D LUVRS operate as a united LUV Tribe of players working with each other and not for each other. All 3D LUVRS need to run their virtual business is a computer, LUV NFT Market for LUV NFTs, Solana wallet, and one social media platform LUV NFT Discord that has no algorithms. New limited edition 3D LUVRS themed collectibles will drop weekly giving players access to discounted NFT products and NFT services across the globe.


In a couple of years, every asset will be tokenized in the form of an NFT, LUV NFT is the first dCommerce NFT market to usher in a new way of running a virtual business. Hahz and Candy will advise 3D LUVRS businesses for free all the way into the LUV MetaVerse in exchange for donations. To date, the spiritual couple rejected 22 investors and over $55 million to keep LUV NFT Market a nonprofit solution with public business accountability powered by blockchain technology. Silicon Valley has been predicted to be replaced by NFTs, LUV NFT expedites this new reality of helping entrepreneurs obtain crypto capital for purpose and not profit. Hahz & DR.Candy’s spiritual guidance can be felt on @LuvMetaVerse Instagram page, which already amassed 60k followers. The first step to running your business virtually is minting a 3D LUVR here. If you need assistance or want to learn more about the game join the LUV NFT Discord.

If you lost your job or your business has been affected by the pandemic of 2021, you can apply for a LUV NFT grant here. 


Jay-Z used his CryptoPunk NFT as his Twitter profile picture

jay z crypto punk

The GOAT Jay-Z went viral for changing his Twitter profile picture to that of a CryptoPunk, to set up his first NFT sale at auction house Sotheby’s.

CryptoPunks is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, released by software company Larva Labs in 2017. Each Punk features a pixelated face of a human, ape, alien, or zombie. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique cryptocurrency tokens that can represent an image, video, or piece of music.

This specific CryptoPunk was purchased on April 25 for 55 ETH, worth $126,000 at the time (although just $102,000 today). The punk is male and features a gold chain and wild hair, both relatively rare traits.

Since Jay-Z identified the CryptoPunk as presumably his, other crypto users have started sending NFTs to the Ethereum address associated with the CryptoPunk. He has already been sent multiple Shiba Inu-themed NFTs and one from the TheWickedCranium collection.

The address, however, is rather empty, containing just $166 in ether (ETH) and no other ERC-20 tokens beyond the CryptoPunk itself. (While most NFTs are based on the ERC-721 standard, as likely the first-ever NFTs on Ethereum, CryptoPunks had to make do with — and slightly modify — the ERC-20 standard).

The collection of pixelated, unique characters has remained popular in the crypto ecosystem. Most recently, on June 11, a rare CryptoPunk alien sold for $11.8 million in a sale hosted by Sotheby’s, making it the most expensive CryptoPunk sale to date.

Jay-Z's new Twitter profile picture is of this CryptoPunk.

Jay-Z is auctioning off an NFT at Sotheby’s

Not only is Jay-Z likely buying NFTs, but he’s planning on selling them too.

The musician is auctioning an NFT based on his debut album Reasonable Doubt at Sotheby’s, according to a statement. Jay-Z has commissioned digital artist Derrick Adams to create a one-of-one animated digital collectible that is meant to “recontextualize” the album cover, which was originally released exactly 25 years ago.

Called Heir to the Throne, the NFT is composed of a single animated image featuring bright colors, multi-layered textures, and flat surface dimensions. According to the statement, the image was inspired by both Jay-Z ‘s and Adams’s experiences with “life in the urban streets.”

The exhibition will be available at Sotheby’s New York but also digitally in the virtual world Decentraland, which uses the Ethereum blockchain. The sale will run until July 2, with bidding to begin at $1,000. Buyers have the option of paying in ether, bitcoin, or fiat currencies. A portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Shawn Carter Foundation, which helps individuals from low-income backgrounds further their post-secondary education.

BLK LUV and Enjin Partner to Merge NFTs and Augmented Reality

blk luv minecraft blockchain

BLK LUV [org] has announced it’s browser game LUV MetaVerse in partnership with Enjin that enables users to build a virtual Wakanda powered by LUV. Our gamers will have the ability to create a a new universe to awaken and elevate a new golbal dynamism. With the power to trade NFT’s, bring their digital avatars to life, wear and interact with the NFT fashion, share videos on social media, inside Minecraft, one of the world’s most popular games.

“Education is key to empowering the next generation of innovators. Enjin is proud to work alongside Microsoft to generate innovative opportunities for merging virtual worlds, bringing digital communities closer together, and celebrating powerful women in science and tech,” 

said Bryana Kortendick, VP of Operations & Communications at Enjin.

“Enjin’s platform powers innovative projects across the gaming and wider blockchain ecosystem,”

said Sherry List, Azure developer engagement lead at Microsoft.

BLK LUV will create a line of tradable non-fungible tokens (NFT) to bring much-needed diversity to the gaming industry and onboard the African American community on Ethereum blockchain. These Enjin powered NFTs will be a representation of our culture, that we finally have the ability to capitalize off of with no middleman thanks to blockchain. LUV Metaverse will give small business owners the ability to create a virtual business, network, and even get married on blockchain. That’s because the Ethereum blockchain records the ownership data. Our virtual Wakanda will be the next level of social media allowing users can snap selfies, create customized hyper-realistic avatars and make them interact in a real-world environment. Moreover, these fashion items are probably owned by the users.

“This game is one of our many solutions to eradicate systemic racism by teaching the African American community how to survive in this new digital economy,”

said Hahz Terry Founder of BLK LUV.

“Systemic racism operates like a rigged game of Monopoly. Where the black players are being bet against to lose, specifically black men who are being handed the go straight to jail card as a means of making hedge funds rich. We’re taking a new age approach to addressing the disease of racism because with 5 billion in pledges and commitments made to racial equity organisations we still don’t have a solution.

Our approach was created from knowing the only two human emotions being Love (LUV) and Fear. So in our game the two teams are #TeamLUV and #TeamFear. The game of race that created systemic racism is powered by #TeamFear. We’ve been trying to end systemic race-ism for over 400 years from the angle of race, that only adds fuel to the fire as we seen last year with BLM. Trump ran a #TeamFear campaign and showed the world his achielles heal was us all no longer giving #TeamFear any energy. The world needs to choose a team, that allows us to know who has love for #TeamLuv. The game of LUV is measured by a leaderboard to see who is spreading the most LUV. #TeamLUV sees beyond the illusion of a racial group that applies to no human technically, similar to the label of American Indians. Our community is a #LUVTribe that has the goal of uniting humanity and spreading LUV. Our game and token of $LUV has a higher purpose that is aligned with the 5D universe to raise the consciousness level of the planet to the vibration of LUV where #Team fear can no longer exist. Our platform allows gamers to become their higher self while earning $LUV.

luv metaverse

NFTs + Minecraft: How it works

On the first leg of the journey, a user embarks on a quest to spread LUV and recruit new users from a failing economic ecosystem – the text-based part of the quest. Upon obtaining a Ankh shown above and referring 5 players, the user is then forwarded to a web page where they are asked to scan a QR code. The code provides an NFT that drops automatically into a user’s Enjin wallet, from there they can link their wallet to cross-platform gaming network MyMetaVerse.

NFTs acquired by playing the game will allow players to unlock a new “quest” inside the LUV MetaVerse Minecraft server. Users can then spawn Kemet pieces via the EnjinCraft plugin into the popular game.

NFTs are digital assets that represent a wide variety of physical goods as well as intangible assets, in the case of BLK LUV’s initiative, digital badges. Key characteristics of an NFT include the fact they are non-interoperable, indivisible, indestructible, and verifiable. Built on Ethereum’s ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards, they contain information that makes them distinct from other NFTs. Because they are easily verifiable, no two are the same and are unable to be traded with each other, differing from typical cryptocurrency standards.

It’s important to gamers because they can access forms of value that unlock perks and benefits across multiple platforms, games, and apps, creating integrated experiences that can potentially travel with them across the internet.

On the final leg, a user needs to link up MyMetaVerse to Minecraft enabling access to Microsoft’s NFTs within the blocky 3D world.

Once inside Minecraft, a user can type a directive /wallet that will spawn collectible “companions” who follow the user around the server and protect them.

“NFTs are important because they provide irrefutable proof of digital scarcity”,

said Simon Kertonegoro, vice-president of developer success at Enjin.

“With over 126 million users, the ability to spawn blockchain assets inside a Minecraft server is a huge step towards NFT adoption,”

Finally, completing the quest in Minecraft will enable players to unlock fungible tokens that provide benefits in Telegram and Discord. The “Wand” token can be used to unlock exclusive chat groups in popular social messaging apps.

LUV MetaVerse will kick of the LUV Era of 2021 on 3.1.21.

Luv Magicians – Magic School Chapter One


Welcome to our universe Luv Magicians,

Luv Magicians is a Role Playing Game that spreads LUV in a dark time while using Telegram, Twitter and NFTs.

To start the game, you must join the Luv Magic lobby here:

You need a ENJIN Cloud Wallet to play the game:

Once you have your wallet send us the address so we can send you stuff!

Luv Magicians Goals

  • Earn, buy and sell your own NFTs
  • Complete quests to obtain your lost knowledge, level up your magicians with items and spread LUV across the world.
  • Meet and network with other Luv Magicians
  • Build alliances, undermine other Magicians ????????‍♂️
  • Discover chambers
  • Become a master of a chamber (to make nfts)
  • Help build the game, vote… use your imagination

More to come!

NFTs — Gaming Items

“NFT” is just a fancy way to say an in-game asset.

For example, key, scroll, staff, heart, coin…

The NFTs in LUV Magicians can be bought, sold, traded, and they give you powers and special perks in the game and the real world. True ownership, baby!

Here are some items the game has already.

???? Scroll (Base) — Scrolls allow you to participate in dope Quests

???? Key (Base) — Keys allow you access to different Chambers

???? Ticket (Legend) — Golden tickets give you access to robots that help wizards

???? Gold (Base) — In-game currency for trading for items

???? Wine (Base) — Gives Magicians bonus powers for Quests

???? Crystal Ball (Base) — Give you access to all master Chambers

???? Crystal (Base) — Crystals give magicians powers. Magicians need to be powered up to do several things.

⚕️ Staff (Base) — Staffs give administrative rights

???? Knife (Base) — Knives are used on missions and future battles


You will need a Scroll ???? in order to participate in Quests.

Once you have Scroll you gain access to the Base Quests Chamber and you can do any of the Base Quests.

There will be *many* Base Quests.

Each Quest completed will gain more items, and make you a more powerful wizard.


The Lobby is the first temple called Hikuptah (this meant “The Soul of the God Ptah”).

Your purpose in the Lobby is to ask questions and obtain the golden Key ???? which is equivalent to the ???????? Ankh = Key of Life.

Once you level up and get a key you officially start the game and gain access to the “Key Holders” room.

(Tweeting or Retweeting content helps!)

Slash Commands

Type the forward-slash ‘/’ (in telegram text input in the Lobby) to reveal commands, these will help you on your journey.

Example of some Slash Commands







Any gamer can be removed from the game at any time for any reason. Especially when its anything related to negative energy.

The market is always open to trade and sell items in Enjin, but the game IS NOT.

Spread LUV!